My 5 Pillars to Create a Freedom Lifestyle

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#1. Find a way to get out of debt. A good place to start is not to make any more debt. Jobs can be OK if you use them correctly!

(Example) When I was 21 I worked for a temp agency. No one wanted to work the weekends at night especially. It was Los Angeles in the 70s if you know what I mean! SO I figured out I could get paid for 40 hrs of work if I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. 3 10 hour shifts

To me that meant I had everyday of the week off to go surfing! And if the temp agency would call me during the week and I felt like working a shift or 2. I would get paid extra! Yes!

During the week there was plenty of opportunities to surf and make money during the day any way i wanted to.

#2. Live for yourself find multiple ways to create abundance in your life.

#3. Eliminate all, I mean all the bullshit relationships from your life.

Develop new and meaningful relationships. I choose to move away from where I had a lot of these relationships and expectations from family and friends. Sometime that is what is the best I don't regret it at all!

#4. Work on understanding yourself your wants your needs. Improve!

#5. Stay focused on your health and well being.



I like your view! What a great way to get started, just setting goals is a great first step! Thank you for some of the reminders!

I have seen that plant somewhere!

Yeah!!!! Hopefully they are yours!