How to Figure out your Life

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I spent 25 years working in hospitals. I enjoyed it but it seemed to totally consume my life. There wasn't time to do the things that I enjoy the most. I didn't live extravagantly I had several sources of income at the time. But I wanted to be with my family and in the the ocean surfing.

Some people work and live for that vacation. I was so busy I didn't have time for vacations. Yes by the time I was in my 40s I had gotten my priorities straight. Make the job work for you. I went part time and pulled call on the weekends. I don't like to surf on the weekends or go to the beaches to many people. Yes I have spoiled myself. You will see me on monday morning surfing!

While some may wonder why surfing is more fulfilling that performing surgery and helping people. This is certainly a question I had asked myself for many years. The reason being I believe is because it seemed like a lot of the surgeries that we were doing were not successful and were possibly more harmful in the long run.

Unfortunately this can be backed up by statistical fact these days.

Figuring out my life ment living out in the country or like we say in Hawaii out in the bushes. The green of the jungle seems to agree with my family. The ocean certainly agrees with me here!

Take the time to figure out your life your will thank yourself! Hey it only took me around 50 years!

#1. Listen to yourself. To many people want to tell you what to do!

#2. Sometimes everyone needs a little help encouragement etc. Most times when I needed help I was able to help myself.

#3.Trust your instinct Yes you will make mistakes learn from them .

#4. Learn to love yourself.



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Certainly believe in everything that you posted. Creating a more balanced life that is more fulfilling is a reward in of itself. I grew up around water and every time I am near it, it replenishes me. Currently living inland which is a pain. The mountains and the sea always gives me great comfort.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have the best of both worlds I live at around 1000 elevation in a rain forest maybe 30 minutes from the ocean. If I get on my roof I can sometimes see the water ;-)


Just had two of my brothers visit Hawaii this year.One in July and the other just before the Christmas period and they both told me while on their journeys have told me how much they loved the scenery. Both got to travel a fair bit but unlike most tourist they always make it a point to go to areas that tourist don't usually visit. I had won 2 scholarships to go to Hawaii as a young man but turned them down as at the time I had already been away form my family for two years studying in the Cook Islands. Like you I lived in the bush not at the same elevation that you are at but I always had the mountains behind me and a open view to the sea. I was intending to visit Hawaii for the Miss Aloha Traditional dance competition this year but instead will follow my brother to China as he represent New Zealand in age group marathon running. So it may be another year before i can make that trip.
Thought I 'll share the views I grew up with ( I live in Australia now and there are great views here also), Thanks for your reply