How to Experience the Best Day Ever

in life •  10 months ago

The days that are so spontaneous here in Hawaii turn out to be the type of day you could only dream about as a child.
I grew up in WIsconsin cold winters heck cold most of the time. I started having a yearning for tropical climates when I was very young.

I saw guys surfing Hawaii on WIde World of Sports back in the 60s. I was done I told my family i was going to become a surfer and move to Hawaii.

Sure they all laughed at me and reminded me for many years of my silly dream. Until one day on a cold Wisconsin morning the phone rang my Mom asked where have you been! I am in Hawaii surfing.

Ok that was over 30 years ago. Where am I today Yes correct!


My formula for having a whole pile of the best days of your life is listen to your heart. If I would have listened to my teachers and friends I would be freezing my ass off in Wisconsin right now!

Instead I was surfing all morning with the turtles!


Be bold enough to know yourself and know what you want in life! See you at the beach!

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