Hawaii Living, Warm Ocean Water, Lots of Sunshine and Plenty of Aloha

in life •  10 months ago

I grew up in Wisconsin it is really cold there in the winter!

All I could think about as a kid was living where it was warm!

I love the ocean so I always dreamed of living in a tropical climate! I tried a few places like Central America.

Ah snakes !!!!!!!! Big snakes that bite you! I know from first hand living in Costa Rica up in the hills I hardly ever saw a person that did not have a chunk out of their flesh from a snake!

When I would surf in CR sometimes there would be crocodiles in the water Ahhh No!

Here in Hawaii we don't have snakes or crocks. Sure everywhere you live takes some adjustment.

Hawaii is no exception.


Those Geckos like to go after my Star Fruits!


All of us can find a place to exist in harmony. Aloha

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Aloha ! Hawaii has always been one of my favorite destinations. I would love to live there and go swimming every single day when I wake up. Do you by any chance live by a beach ? Surfing seems like a very great hobby, or maybe you participate in competitions =) ?

Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your new posts.


Thank you for commenting Yes I live by many beaches its an island after all! When I was in my 40s I competed in surfing. It was alot of work but I loved it!