THE NEST. Homeless but not Hopeless

in life •  9 months ago

Some days back while I was taking a walk around the compound, I heard birds singing joyfully. The joyful sound was so lovely.
Looking up the sky, my attention was caught by a homeless bird going from one nest to another
uncomfortably until she was ready, determined & focused to make her own nest.
Immediately she got her palm frond leaves ready, two other birds flew nearer to help her out and her own nest was made.

Do not to be hopeless due to your present state, rather expose yourself to the right people, expose your problems, ideas and emotions.
When you are uncomfortable speak out. People around you may not understand your signs, body language e.t.c. (non linguistic symbols).

Always take a bold step to manifest your potentials, gifts, and talents.
Remain determined & be focused on the right path.
Be vigilant to identify your destiny helpers when they come around you.
Let's make the world a better place

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