Repeating Encouraging Statements to Yourself to Conquer Your Inner Critic

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Repeating encouraging statements to yourself before a math test can actually help you get over your math anxiety. This is because repeating statements to yourself have been found to reduce the stress response associated with test preparation. Math is the most difficult thing to study. Most people who are preparing for a test or exam have a hard time getting ready. The reason for this is that math can be a very difficult subject and usually the students do not have a plan in place to study what they should be studying.

When math is your problem there are a few things you can try that will help you reduce the amount of time you spend studying for the math test. The first thing you want to do is find someone who you can talk to about math. You can go out and ask your friends if they are good at math. If you do not have friends who are good at math then you may want to find someone to talk to in math class such as a teacher or tutor. Getting advice from someone who has already conquered their test anxiety is one of the best ways to ease them into the test.

Another way to reduce the amount of time it takes to study for math is to memorize the formulas. You may not feel comfortable doing this but it is something you need to do if you want to conquer your math anxiety. Memorizing the formulas are like giving your brain a free pass on all of the questions that they think they might have to answer. By memorizing the formulas you reduce the amount of time you spend thinking about the problems you need to solve. By reducing your test anxiety you increase your chances of passing your test and conquering your math anxiety.

If you do not have anyone that you can talk to about math and you are not able to find a math tutor then you can use the Internet to find a math class that is open to the public. There are many websites that allow you to take online tests. By taking an online math class you will be able to get the help you need to conquer your math test anxiety.

By using your inner critic this will greatly affect your success. Your inner critic keeps you from taking action that you know will improve your situation. You focus on your inner critic all the time. You focus on the things you do wrong and not the things you did right. By changing the way you criticize yourself it means learning to be more kind and more confident.

Becoming more kindness means learning to be in touch with how you really feel about yourself. By practicing mindfulness meditation you will become more aware of how you are feeling when you are speaking negatively about yourself. Mindfulness meditation is very effective for reducing stress and anxiety. It also has amazing benefits for depression. When you are depressed your inner critic can be a major source of pain and suffering.

To combat this issue try repeating statements to yourself like "I am beautiful", "I am loving", "I am loving myself" and other positive statements. The goal here is to be honest with yourself by telling yourself the truth about what you truly feel. Repeating encouraging statements to yourself also helps you become more compassionate. This type of compassion will translate into increased self-awareness and self-love, which will ultimately help you conquer your inner critic.

It also means learning how to release negative thoughts. If you continue to feed your inner critic with negative thoughts you will only have more conflict in your life. You may find yourself fighting with another person or battling with an ex. It is much healthier if you can learn how to let go of destructive inner chatter.


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