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I often ask myself, why don’t I spend some time to do what I like?

Maybe because I don’t have the time, or because I don't dare to do it, or because I don’t have the extra energy, or because I don’t have extra money to support what I like to do, but most importantly, I think it is because I lack the courage and motivation.

When we were young, we will do whatever we can think of, regardless of the consequences, but after growing up, we find that we will not do what we want to do, we always convince ourselves that we have to do something meaningful, rather than spend time on useless things.

When working, we must do things related to work, learn new things also has to learn things that are related to work. But for the things that we like to do, we always make excuses that there is no time to do, no energy to do. Find all kinds of excuses, in fact, we just lack that persistence of courage, fear to begin, afraid of that sense of failure. So not dare to start.


Interest is the best teacher, things that you like are also the things that you are most willing to take the time to learn.

So when you want to something you like, do it bravely, don't think so much, take the time to do what you like, it will not only bring you an unprecedented sense of pleasure but also make you confident. And self-confidence is slowly cultivated by yourself; when facing what you think you can do well, you will become more confident.

We should spend more time to do what we like, don’t care about the results, just enjoy the fun it brings to ourselves. Slowly you will find that life can also be so beautiful, life can be so full.


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