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What can we buy with $1?

Maybe a few stamps, candies or maybe a special priced pen.

In fact, we can’t really buy anything with $1.

However, I bought 2 happiness with $1.

Yesterday I took taxi and the fare was $49.

I gave the driver $50 and ask him to keep the changes.

At that moment, I can felt the happiness from the driver.

He helps me with my luggage and said goodbye to me while leaving.

Fuss, is the start of unhappiness.

If the driver is fussy, he will think that the $1 worth nothing.

If I’m fussy, I will think that the fare is too expensive, I won’t even ask to keep the changes.

If we are fussy, we will bring those bad mood with us. 

Happiness, comes from appreciation.

I appreciate the driver for sending me to my destination safely.

And allow me to have enough rest in the car.

I believe the driver will receive my appreciation and return the favor.

And left with a happy mood.

Appreciation, a small action that make huge difference in our life.

When buying from local store, if the seller having hard time to exchange small changes, I will ask the seller to keep the changes. Because I can buy the smile on his face with that small changes.

If we can’t do this, then at least say thank you.

Security guard at your office building, restaurant’s waiter or toilet cleaner, with a sincere thank you, your life will full of happiness.

It won’t be any different if you didn’t do it, but if you did, it will be huge differences.

Appreciate everything happened in your life. You will found out that happiness is everywhere.

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