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During school time, I read a story about a child arguing with his parents and running away from home. He went far away, to a place he didn't know where he is.

All-day long, he didn't eat anything, so he went to the noodle shop and asked for a bowl of noodles, only to be driven out.

He went to the fast-food restaurant and ask for hamburgers but was rushed out by the waiter.

He was so depressed that he sat on the ground and cried. An old lady passed by and saw him crying, and handed him a piece of bread.

The child wolfed down the bread while telling the old lady how he ends up in the city, he said to the old lady: "You are kind, giving me food, can I live with you?" I can take care of you. "

He thought the granny would be particularly touched, but found that the old lady's face full of anger and snatched the bread from his hand, loudly scolded: "You do not deserve to eat this bread."

The child felt inexplicable, then the old lady slowly said: "I just gave you a loaf of bread, you are touched and wanted to take care of me, have you thought of your parents? They have done so many things for you since you were growing up, but you run away from home because of the small thing, have you considered the feelings of your parents? "

Later, the child quickly runs back home. From then on, he loved his parents with his heart.


After reading this story I recalled a lecturer told to me: "You treat others well, others will not feel the same and might even take it for granted, but when you have been bad to others, and treat them well for once, you will find that they will be grateful to you."

At that time I may still be young, did not fully understand her meaning, and today, suddenly realized, it is indeed the truth.

Just like the same light that keeps on, suddenly goes out will make us panic, but if it keeps on, you'll get used to it or even feel nothing.

Perhaps in the work and in interpersonal life, we should all be grateful for all the good others give, don’t let it spills on the cold-blooded and ruthless ground.

It also reminds me of the people I treat well, my friends often say I’m silly, she said: "Not everyone is worth your kindness." I always think this is a problem, but also often like: "Everyone is different, my style of doing things has always been so, I think it is good to do so. "

A story may not make us feel deep,

The truth may not make us suddenly realize,

But in the long river of time you'll find that with them, we will slowly understand the meaning behind it.

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