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I think the worst part of our lives is that our habit freezes our lives in a fixed mode day by day. And our feelings become numb, more submissive in the four flat, no passion of the time torrent.

Recently I began to fall into a state of insomnia, although people often say that they can not sleep or because they are not tired enough, sometimes it simply wants a quiet time for oneself for a while, that's it.

The quiet room, the world has become cautious, at this moment, the body is confined to the bed, thoughts cross the boundaries of time and space, come up with a lot of answers.

Phone in my hand, the phone is connected to the charging cable, the cable is connected to the power supply, I feel like I look like a long-term patient in a hospital.

Life seems to give us a lot of choices, but in fact, it just lets us weigh the pros and cons, forcing us to choose a better choice.

Do you feel good if life becomes unusually calm? More than one person around me said more than once, “Is cherish the current idle life, and live in the comfort zone not good?”

The comfort zone is more like people's vague goals, not clear what they want, so that they will try to jump into another, after getting tired of it, and then start struggling again.

Isn't it good to live in a comfort zone?

So comfortable that I forgot how I jumped into this zone, and thus less real feelings about life, do not hate, but with grievance.


Nowadays, more like a spectator of life, while envious the snow of Venezuelan skiers, participated in the Finnish World Ski Competition, but seem to be satisfied with only through a window, watching the people downstairs come and go, enjoy life, and the heart has an inexplicable feeling.

When you want to leave your comfort zone, you have to make sure that the current zone you are in is the comfort zone. The real comfort zone is when you're in it, you think it all makes sense. I hope I'm doing what I think is worth it, rather than doing nothing every day.

But in fact, there is always motivation source tell us that staying in the comfort zone will ruin our life, so many people desperately run to the first big city, and those who stay behind are a joke.

But it is difficult for people to do be satisfied with their own life. When you work hard to get a high-paying job, will you not want to see the world? When you live a nine-to-five life, will you also think that one day you can have three meals a day? When you are far away from home, do you worry about the small flowers in the yard can survive this winter?

This does not conflict, people have their own aspirations, large or small, as long as you feel meaningful, it is your comfort zone.

But you need to know that what you do is not because life is worth it, but because you deserve it.

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