Projects im working on in the shop.

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Creating a Sign for myself to display at events or a store front. I create the designs in Corel first. Then i turn it into a bitmap format so my cnc laser can read it. Then i send it to the cloud..... When im ready ill make my way to the shop and pull down the file from the cloud. Next i get my materials ready by cutting the acrylic to size on a panel saw or (wall saw). After that i bring it back to the cnc laser and locate it on the bed and center my start position and adjust table hight for focus point of laser to be correct. Depending on if im engraving or cutting or both i set the laser to do all engraving first followed up by cutting. This is to make sure there is no movement to the pieces. If i were to cut first then it could possibly shift out of position for the engraved image. After the cnc is done then i build the led strip to clip to the edge of the acrylic to light it up.

this is some examples of LED Lit signs I have made .






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