What Do You Meaure Your Worth With?

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As a member of a modern society, we measure ourselves against others with success, money and attention. How do you measure your worth?

Do you check social media likes?
Do you look at your car and your house?
Do you weigh your wallet?
Do you show your recent vacation pictures?
Do you show off your family?
Do you tout your fitness and healthy lifestyle?

At the end of the day, it is up to you. You can find your tribe. Then, you can all compete within the tribe over attributes of your lifestyle.

What is a real measure of your worth?

The world uses these shallow attibutes to market to us. We join a tribe and focus on the shallow. We need to focus on our real value as people.

Some real meaures of value

Do you help others?
Do you live a sustainable lifestyle?
Do you take care of your responsibilities?
Are you a kind person?

Real is healthy and ultimately more sustainable.

Picture from Pixabay.


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