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You think - A $15,000 purse or a Predator?

croc-hunter or huntedpng.png

"Prehistoric predator - almost unchanged for over 65 million years!."

It is unnerving to see a gaping mouth with a long row of serrated teeth, even though it is at a fair distance. The only thing I remembered was that this beast is a prehistoric animal and can chomp through anything - clothes, bones, muscle...

It was in 2016 January, that I took this photograph in the Ranthambore tiger preserve in India. While roaming around, straining eyes and ears to get the slightest hint of the presence of a tiger, suddenly, this spectacle presented itself.

This was by the shore of a large lake. I had really not expected to see crocs in that location but there it was. It was at least 12 feet long and it's open jaw was easily agape 2 feet! I froze but managed to snap this picture with my Nikon P900

The open jaw was reflected in the lake water - making for double the terror. Near water, this is one of the most feared predators...

Croc - the hunter

  • The crocodile is a well designed killing machine of nature that has survived with minimal changes for over 65 million years. It has not changed all that much even for 200 million years.

  • Crocodiles first appeared on earth around the same period that Dinosaurs did. They are closely related to dinosaurs and coexisted with them. It is quite possible that they chomped down a few dinosaurs as their meals in those days.

  • Crocodiles can swim very fast - up to 25 miles/hour and can run fast on land too. They can surprise their prey with a sudden burst of speed

  • Crocs have a skin that is made of a bony structure called osteoderms. This makes them almost bulletproof!

  • The clamping force of the crocodile's jaw is one of the highest in animal kingdom. Depending on their size, they can bite down with a force more than 2000 pounds! Enough to crush any limb or torso.

  • Crocodiles tear apart their prey with a violent 'death roll' after they clamp down on a limb of their prey.

~ Shudder.......

Fearsome predators - don't you think? However, the laws of nature make this fearsome predator also an unfortunate prey ...

Croc - the hunted

Believe it or not, this fearsome predator is actually threatened by HUMANS now!

Poaching is going on at such a large scale that most of the 23 species of crocs and alligators are now endangered! It is sad to see that croc are caught and skinned alive. Each skin sells for nearly $15,000.

The skins are used to make purses, boots and folios. The super rich consider them as symbols of being 'elite'. The fashion gone on for decades (perhaps even a century) and is not abating despite all the bans imposed by various governments.

As it is, the rate of reproduction of crocodiles is very very low because up to 99% of baby crocs and alligators get eaten by large fish, hyenas or monitor lizards. The survivors, who become adults, are sought by humans for making Purses!

What irony of fate!

I am not likely to ever use ANY type of purse (unless I have a sex change operation somehow) but I vow NEVER to use any croc skin items like belts, shoes or wallets. What about you?

In Conclusion:

Let us not just shed crocodile tears - let us do something to help the dears!

Steemians, please comment freely to share your experiences, knowledge and views about crocodiles and their conservation. Thanks.

Note: All images except for the wildlife photos and the title image created by me are from pixabay.com. Image credit has been specifically mentioned for images not falling under these two categories.

Gif crafted by the Legendary @stellabelle for me

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Crocs open their mouths like that to cool down since they cannot sweat. It is their way to regulate body temperature. Thought to add this detail to your already detailed list.
Cheers Vm!


Yes. I omitted to write that important piece of info in the hurry to get the article out before I started my travel. Thanks for pointing out. Upvoted your comment

Wow, I had no idea their skin was so expensive. I would never buy any kind of leather but that price tag does somewhat explain why people poach them. How unnecessarily cruel to skin them alive!! My cousin told me that on his tour in Egypt he was brought to a crocodile pit, where they were keeping them for their skin :(( Thanks for your post.


hehe go to Thailand.. they hunt crocodiles like cows .


Thanks. I am glad that my post could help in spreading some awareness. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Upvoted

Wow, I thought the fad for Croc skin items had died out along with fur ages ago but obviously not. I think its despicable


You honor me with a visit to my post @meesterboom. Yes it is despicable. Unfortunately, despicable things never totally go out of fashion - do they? Only in the 'Despicable me' movies the baddies become goodies. LOL

It's illegal in Canada but I wouldn't buy alligator or crocodile products anyway


Thanks for your update and support to the cause. Upvoted your comment

I also vow not to use any croc skin items.

Thanks for the post @vm2904


Thanks for your support to the cause. Upvoted your comment

Amazing animal... Survived all these millions of years so we can have an ugly purse from it... I hate humans sometimes :(

Nice post! I follow you!


Thank you

very good post thanks :)


Thanks you for your kind words

Using animal skins such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich, or snake skin for our own vanity items is just deplorable. I have never owned shoes, belts, wallets, hats or purses made from the animal skins and I don't think I ever will. Following.

Sometime in year 2004 I witnessed a croc kill a little boy of about 10years playing just close to a swamp. It was scary.
I hate crocodiles.

I recently took a trip to Orlando, Florida and had more fun at Gatorland than I did at Universal Studios. Alligators and Crocs are indeed interesting creatures. Worth far more than any accessory one could fashion from its hide. I'm glad that you saw this beauty while out looking for tigers, and that you were able to get a good mouth open shot. Good stuff.

Wonderful animal.thanks a lot for sharing it.Upvoted and resteemed

Beautiful animal..Much obliged for sharing it.Upvoted and resteemed

Hi vm2904, i think the croc skin and leather is just a tiny part of a much wider problem. Human beings need to take full responsibility for their consumption. The problem is, these industries wouldn't exist if we all knew and saw the dark side of how they operate. How many people would continue to eat meat if they were asked to slaughter the animals themselves? How many would buy leather (not just croc) of any kind if they saw how it was made? Probably magnitudes much lower than we have today.


@sweetsssj - You are absolutely right my friend. However, instead of trying to get bogged down by trying to address a huge, universal problem, I am trying to just take on small and specific issues. The priority is to stop extinction of endangered animals.
Thanks for your thoughtful comment and your visit to my blog. I really appreciate your taking the time. It is an honor for me.

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In Conclusion:
Let us not just shed crocodile tears - let us do something to help the dears!

very interesting post my friend, I love facts about nature and creatures.
like this.

Croc - the hunter

etc etc.. :)


@amiramnoam - Just trying to do my tiny bit in spreading awareness about wildlife. It is possible because of the support of interested Steemians like you. Thank you for your visit and the kind words my friend. I will always try to keep bringing interesting facts and thoughts connected to wildlife.