Sarus Crane: A monogamist stands TALL ! 👀 (Original photos and content)

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Unaware that 'tiring of relationships' is 'fashionable' these days - if a Sarus from a pair dies, the surviving Sarus often pines for its mate and dies...


In today's world, people change clothes, cars, gadgets and life partners too, very often. I do admire the courage of such people who can court danger so frequently, even after having experienced one volatile relationship after another. Anyway - whether through necessity (driven by cowardice of facing change ) or because of my genuine love for my wife, I have spent years of blissful married life with my lovely wife. I am reasonably proud of it too. However, these Sarus birds, put me to shame! They live for 80 years and spend most of that time with one mate after they become adults!!

Sarus cranes are the tallest flying birds on earth:
At 1.8 meters ( almost 6 feet) tall, they can literally look humans in the eye and fly too!

A family of Sarus in a lush green field presents a picture that strikes a cord in our hearts. The Father and Mother, distinguished by their bright red heads, always flank and protect the chicks, distinguished by their brown heads.



With rapidly declining numbers due to disappearing habitats such as wetlands, the Sarus cranes may become history one day unless measures are taken to protect their habitat.

Please spread the message about these majestic birds who can teach us devotion, family values and standing tall. Please help in protecting their habitat by spreading awareness.

Note: All photos taken by me in Uttarpradesh in India with my Nikon P900 on a rainy day in August 2016...

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Very cool. I love animal facts. I like to use them a lot with people. Like explaining to my step dad that there are tons of animals the showcase same-sex well, sex and even life long partnership, dolphins, flamingos etc. That is after he said "homosexual" relationships aren't "natural". I'm in a long term committed relationship and have a friend that's "poly" who said "monogamy is not natural". Like I told him there are many different kind of relationships that take form in nature, polygamy, polyamory, straight-gay AND monogamous. ALL are natural expressions... depending on what kind of animal you are ;) I REALLY appreciate your sentiment at the end. You can see from my post on cougars that I make a similar small plea, let's learn from our teachers then maybe we take better care of them <3 Thanks @vm2904


Thanks for this interesting perspective.

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Really beautiful birds


Thanks @dumar022. Your encouragement always urges me to come up with better blogs

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Gorgeous bird! Pity, that species is in IUCN red list.


Thank you for the support

Interesting birds! Staying together for that long is not something many human couples can even hope for - life is just too short and we tend to be significantly older than cranes when we mate (they reach maturity in 5-6 years). I'm proud of my 15 years of marriage but these cranes do, as you say, really put us to shame.

Woooow ,,, amazing ... brother from where you can be so beautiful i like it very much ,,,, are you a pothographer ,,,? extraordinary


Thanks. I am an amateur photographer.

beautifull <3 @vm2904 upvoted i am very acticve follower and followed you and visit my wall if u can when you free thanks alot have a nice day :)


Thank you. Will take a look at your blogs


@vm2904 Thanks please :)

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Beautiful birds! It's amazing how some animals value loyalty much more than humans do. For humans, loyalty is some great choice. For animals it can be second nature.


True. Thank you for your comment and taking the time to read my blog

Very nice work. Especially like the 2nd shot.
I'm sure people will like to know what camera you use.


@ace108 thank you for your encouragement. I use a Nikon P900. I have mentioned this in the note at the bottom of the blog. Perhaps I should mention it earlier in the blog. Will keep that in mind. Thanks.


You're welcome

They are majestic looking birds; 1,80m! That's just hard to think about... I have been near an ostrich, but they don't FLY. I really enjoy nature facts, too... so thanks for writing this.


Thanks for your encouraging words. It is quite a treat to watch this tall bird fly

They truly are beautiful, majestic and inspiring birds of love. I hope measures are taken to preserve their precious life, thank you very much for sharing. Upvoted