Hidden features of toothpaste

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 Water and Food

Favorite thermoses and plastic containers due to the constant use over time, begin to smell unpleasant , and easy washing up from this can not bring the smell . And that works fine , so it's toothpaste, which must be carefully cleaned container before you will wash them or put in the dishwasher . This method works well for baby bottles .

 The bottom of the smoothing-iron

Sooner or later, on the surface of your iron will be a small plaque. It can be removed using toothpaste and a damp towel . The main thing - make sure that the iron is unplugged from the network. After cleaning, wipe the surface with another towel. 

Chrome products

The next time you brush your teeth , pay attention to the spots on your faucet . A small amount of toothpaste applied to the sponge and make it shine so that you can see your own reflection. It works with any chrome products - from dental crowns before the car drives .

Light shoes

Brown traces of dirt or shuffling spoils the appearance of white or light-colored shoes. The fix is

easy - just wipe the black markings toothpaste . Reception operates as with sports and leather shoes.

Fogged goggles

This trick surely know professional skiers and snowboarders . For those ski glasses that have no coating to prevent fogging , you can do the following : gently apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the glass on the inside. This will prevent them misting when you slide down the mountain. It also works for swimming and dirt points.

Blackened silver

Update tarnished silver - whether it be cutlery, candelabra or jewelry - polish it with toothpaste and a soft cloth Slots and bends treat with an old toothbrush . After the procedure, wipe the surface with a dry cloth .

Strong-smelling hands

This trick is known to professional chefs . Ordinary soap will not remove the strong smell of fish , onions or other strong smelling foods , and toothpaste can . Wash your hands with toothpaste as well as you would have done it with soap and water .

Minor damage to the walls

This advice will come in handy for those who want to return the deposit after the lease apartments . Tooth can even serve as a filler for small damages on light walls , which , as a rule, immediately notice the sharp-eyed landlords . Just seal the hole or scratch it and erase all unnecessary even a direct object.

Car lights

Lights of your car and then covered with dirt or scratches , thus reducing the brightness of the light . First, the surface must be washed with soap and water and then polish the toothpaste. The result will delight you.


Toothpaste is able to remove a range of stains from lipstick on the shirt and ending with spaghetti on the tablecloth or juice on the shirt . Before you throw the thing in the washing machine , squeeze the toothpaste directly on the stain and rub thoroughly . If a thing is color , make sure the paste you use does not have the effect of whitening .

Diamonds and gold

Very few funds make gold and diamonds shine in the same way as does the toothpaste. You will need a very small amount of toothpaste and brush with soft bristles . Make sure that after cleaning you have washed off all the pasta before it has time to harden. Thereafter napoliruyte jewels to shine with a dry cloth . Importantly, do not get up with such pearls , because the paste may scratch the surface.

Mobile Screens

Features toothpaste constantly expanding - with the advent of smart phones , it has become able to be cleaned and their screens and screens of any other mobile devices . Without the protective film screens very quickly become scratched , damaged and if shallow , you can get rid of them , causing the surface of a thin layer of toothpaste using a cotton cloth. After that, wipe the screen with a second cloth.

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