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Angela Nikolau is world known what we call "roofer" in Russian language. Just so do we spell "roofer" and do not translate the word to Russian. "Roofer" means a person who loves going to the top of the buildings and have a nice time there. Britian's The Independent has noted her selfies as most dangerous in the world. So here are some of her photos that literally shocked the Internet. Others you can find on her Instagram:

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She has some impressive pictures! That last one though . . . Holy moly, a gust of wind could lead to her downfall.

Yep. I always thought that wind is stronger at such height

This post gave me the creeps! I can't upvote this! :(

Take it easy. She says she has no fear doing this.

This should have more votes!

OMG !! THAT LAST ONE I FIND HARD TO LOOK AT IT REALLY !! these images are truly incredible to look at, but wow the wind factor which I know as sailor is pretty random to say the least. So yes wow !!

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