I felt fear yesterday but I am pulling myself together...

in life •  last year

"...It must feel pretty hardcore my friend, letting go that completely. Its like ego death, in physical reality its harder than in spirit, time moves so slowly.

Truthfully I felt a major dip in confidence and I felt fear yesterday but I am pulling myself together. Thing is, if we get the farm, we can't do it alone... I can't see us doing it without you; we won't have money left ... but we will have the earth on our side"

" I trust that we will get a payout then we will have money to help us all to sustain until we able to make money"she offered.

"I feel like the sensation is 'fear of the unknown', but something great is being woven using us as the threads, and when all is revealed, when the great artwork of liberation can be seen, we will laugh at our innocent fears with hindsight like parents laugh a child's unwarranted fear and we will be comforted in an embrace of pure love motivating born purpose with thrilling results. I believe this is our future!"

"I am not afraid I feel very ok with the unknowing.
I really do trust the system.
Our system.
What i do fear ...

Is giving one idea too much thought, cause in my experience those well planned ideas are usually the ones the universe likes to tweek"

-I love you Rose of the Dragon Mountain-

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