Self Reflection & Regular Gratitude

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But first, why? ~

So, I post a lot of my own personal meditative explorations on my yoga business Facebook page { } and I get a lot of feedback from people telling me that it helps them a lot in finding their own connection to gratitude. It can be really difficult to cultivate and nourish a positive mind and to especially find peace and positivity in seemingly negative or even emotionally neutral circumstances. I know this from personal experience and from a particularly dark past, so it's really important to me to recognize these moments and thought patterns so that I can continue moving forward on my path of positivity ~ because we all know it's not easy to be happy all the time. It's a habit that we need to practice and a muscle we need to strengthen.


SO ~

I would like to share these posts with this beautiful community to further spread any positive growth in consciousness, gratitude or even positivity itself.
Please share your experiences and thoughts with me in the comments below. I love hearing about other people's experiences, reflections, and thoughts in their own lives 💚

My personal reflection ~

This week has brought on some powerful self-exploration and some serious self-awareness. I have been gifted with a spiritual catalyst for the slow dissolution of some character traits and triggers that I had never consciously seen, explored, or questioned within myself until now. Traits and triggers that may contribute to who I am as an extroverted people-loving person but also clearly contribute to moments of inner despair and heartache at times. While I ventured through feelings of fear, strength, unknowing, curiosity and harmony, I experienced a tranquil opening and relaxing of the heart and a divine acceptance of my true self {faulty traits and all}.
Join me in exploring the heart and our Anahata Chakra's ~ as a collective, we need to fertilize love for ourselves and others in both our faults AND fortitude 💚


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Yes Positive thought change your life


It can be really hard for some people to get out of that negative habit. I have so many friends who are just completely unaware of their own problem. But it only takes one tiny shift and you can be on a roll to changing your entire life! Thanks for the comment xx

Upvoted and resteemed. Love it!


Thanks Matty! Hope your lovin' this killer weekend :D x