Sexagesimal system

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We still use it for measuring time, angles and geographic coordinates.


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Why is life tag wrong? and how do i change it as it is the first tag?

There is nothing wrong with your tag.

These "Steemit" "police" accounts are nothing but self-proclamed "sherriffs" that like to scare the shit out of you, just because they can.

Check this out to see why:

There are no official rules for participating on

  • There are no official rules for participating on, but one of the users @thecryptofiend has created an Etiquette Guide for the community. While it is not required to follow the suggestions in the guide, they are standards that many users in the community choose to follow.

That's all there is to it. All the power these guys have is Steem Power. They are not empowered by some "high Steemit committee", although many of the influential accounts within Steemit are sitting at the knobs of the system and are part of an inner circle of early miners etc.

Why is life tag wrong?
And how do i change it as
It is the first tag?

                 - vitranc

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Hi @vitranc, disregard this warning. In the future, please make sure all tags are relevant to the content. #life is for personal updates, health and wellness, how-to's and other related content.


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