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This is an interesting topic one of many in my opinion. It's been a long time since I thought of life the way you described it. In my opinion when we pass on there will be a void left by our absence. It is how our loved ones, relatives, and friends react to it that really matters. We can not know the unknown and the wonder about it is part of our existence at least mine anyway.

As for life after death I believe the only thing terminating after death is this existence. In my opinion every living thing in the universe has a paired existence between an eternal spirit that lives many lives before entering heaven and a soul which has only one life before entering heaven.

In my view the spirit is the primary guiding force to how the soul lives on this plane of existence. I also believe the spirit ages with each new life.

Each time the spirit enters the gates of heaven it is judged on how well it guided the soul in its' brief experience as a living being at least life the way we understand it. The soul however will be judged on how well they treated their life, the lives of the living beings around them, and their understanding of their creator.

I don't believe in an eternal hell, nor do I believe this plane to be hell, I do however believe that when the body of a living being seises to function sufficient enough to sustain life, as we know it to be, the body becomes an empty shell. The soul and spirit that were the life force within the body move on to a higher plane, one for which the spirit will be familiar but may be completely foreign to the soul. How long the soul exists in hell will be up to them.

The soul isn't judged on it's life on this plane until it meets its maker. That said we have no idea what our lives will be like after death. Our only hope of seeing heaven or at the very least our expectation of it is to to treat ourselves and every living thing around us the way we would have them treat us to the best of our ability.

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For me it doesn't matter if there is a life after, a god or none as my actions remain the same. Do my best in life and if there is a god that punishes that, so be it, if there is no god and it is fade to black, I lived a life of my best. People tend to dwell on what comes after life without thinking if there is life before death. They live for an unknowable future on rules they may never have truly considered. It is interesting to think about all of it of course though.