RE: Biological Security Guards - we have the bio, where is the logic?

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Biological Security Guards - we have the bio, where is the logic?

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I've never heard of immune systems being described in this manner. One thing is certain that ones' own immune system is one of the most important and independent system in our entire cellular structure. It is true that immune systems must be maintained by eating the proper foods. But there are diseases that slowly compromise an immune system some curable others not so. But we as humans should do everything in our power to avoid such diseases. This is because from what I've heard about them no amount of healthy eating can prevent an immunes system killer from compromising an immune system. Immune killers aside the best attitude to maintaining a healthy Immune system is a positive attitude.

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Thanks both reading and for your intelligent comment virtus.
Rather than trying to memorise all the existing scientific frameworks, I prefer to create metaphors so that we can look at possibilities from the 50,000 foot perspective. No way I could ever learn the current conventions for all the subjects I wish to apply critical thinking to.

Are you certain that the immune system is independent? or is it in fact interdependent?

Predators save energy by attacking the weakest prey, would a disease not also find the same to be true?

What is it that weakens us?

No need to answer, it is the questioning itself that is valuable, for it eventually leads us back to evidence and that can only ever be known directly through the senses lol..