And I'm wishing to have the $1000 worth of Bitcoin that I loaned you that you're now hiding from me over. You're being a blatant scamming thief. This can all be water under the bridge if you just quit being so scummy and square up with me . . .

Also I hear not constantly gambling away yours and other people's money by lying to them about why you need it (like the $1000 you are currently trying to get away with stealing from me) in Las Vegas is absolutely fantastic for mental and financial health. Yes, several people DID see you in Vegas playing poker and DID tell me about it. "Oh muh invisible mental illness," my ass. What a piece of work, you are.

I hope no one buys into this pity story of yours. You're clearly a con-man, a scammer, and a thief. The only way to convince me otherwise and that you aren't just a horrible person is to square up with me.

To anyone who wants to know more, please feel free to get up with me and I'll break it all down to you or we can chat about it here. Or you can get a sort of quick run down here from my post about the situation which as of the time of writing this is currently unresolved and I've received ZERO communication from VG about it: