If anyone has any questions, feel free to talk to me about it. I'm like an open book, unlike scamming con-man Hidey McShadowson @virtualgrowth, here.

You owe me $1000 in bitcoin, @virtualgrowth PAY UP.

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Catch up to you later.

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Thanks for everything. I didn't even know what a block explorer was and I learned it from you.

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Hiding/running from people being mad at him for trying to scam/con them. Feel free to read more here:

Damn, that's so sad. Feel sorry for you.

I never expected it, ever. I considered this guy a good person and friend, which is why I tried to help him out. But after some thorough investigation and talking to lots of people, it's becoming clearer and clearer who @virtualgrowth is. And that's a liar, a scammer, a con man, a gambling addict, and a thief with absolutely no respect whatsoever who will walk all over anyone if given the opportunity. While he was writing these last two posts, he was in Las Vegas playing poker. Hard times, indeed . . .

What's even more messed up is I'm not even CLOSE to the only person he has done like this. Like I was saying, he's a con-man. Fill you full of hot air, bleed you dry, betray you, then disappear.

Thanks for the info. Be wary. Be safe.
We had a guy lost his Gopro camera in Bangkok recently in a room full of steemians.