The beginning: A journey finding an online job

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For the past few months, I've been searching an online job in the internet (e.g google, social media). That time, I am eager to find a job that fits my qualification with no experience and resume needed. There are times that the platforms are scam that there are more people are being paid and so on. It was not an easy to search for an online job.

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After a days of searching I found a platform, an online survey which pique my interest that time and it really amuses me whenever i asked a question about a certain topic or product. Sometimes i got a screened out in a survey on a certain product and they gave a very small amount of points. Also, it took me almost 3 months that i have been paid in that platform.

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Eventually, I got tired after they paid me in a survey platform and transfer to another platform that suit my interest's. That is  read and type a "captcha" on the screen that pops up. At first, the "captcha's" are easy to type and easy to load and after a couple of minutes it loads slowly and the "captcha's" are as hard as hell to identify. I got tired on that craptcha thingy and quit.

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The last platform before i got here in steemit is watching a video and paid you after 24 hours. It is 99% pure luck and 1% skill but you have to invest a minimum of 4 hrs of watching videos just for an entry. Sometimes you got 0 - 1.00 $ everyday but when you hit a jackpot it is approximately 100-1000$. Sometimes i get tired watching repeatedly on that video.

-credits from google

Therefore, when finding an online job you have to be specific and know your capabilities.


I tried surveys too. Was able to make $20, only in one full year, from random surveys because people made surveys that everyone could answer. Other survey sites, I never made enough to get paid. They ask you a series of questions to come to a page where you are told you don't qualify. Thus, wasting 10 to 15 minutes for that "non-survey". I also tried a site that allowed us to write reviews for artists, song artists. The pay was next to nothing. You need to know your worth. I know people who make hundreds writing reviews for others. These pennies were basically slavery. Nah, not for me. It was really frustrating, but I too learnt the hard way, that most of these sites are scams and don't amount to anything.

The main takeaway was that it was lowering my vibration, I was not creating as much, I was not feeling as good, it took so much of my time, and it was boring. So I stopped.

On Steemit, I share what I create, or share my thoughts, thus it takes practically nothing away from my time to create. It's fun, so I like to invest extra time in it when I'm able to, and it raises my vibration frequency, therefore I feel good. And I make so much more, even if it seems like pennies.

It's important to spread the word about how these survey sites and such aren't worth it. Thanks for writing up on it.

very much true, i never imagined those days that survey crap make fun of me

Yeah, same ;)

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