CPH JOINING STEEMIT!! (My introduction post ) <3

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Hello steemit friends, this is my introduction
I'm Maria Elizabeth from Denmark, i travel alot in europe but i'm currently having my base in Copenhagen.

I wanted to join steemit because i thought it would be a great chance to mingle and interact with people, who interest and inspire my everyday. I feel like other social medias as facebook instagram snapchat ect, might not have the same focus or openness as steemit does.
Also i been feeling lately that i haven't been open enough myself to read, watch or learn about something different, it's hard sometimes to break out of your bubble but with the steemit feed updating different new post every minute from the whole world, i'm not in doubt it will help me be a more observant person.

Skærmbillede 2018-01-26 kl. 10.45.33.png

The concept of my blog is to show my food recipes as a vegetarian, travels, thoughts about life and some of my photography.

I am brand new to Steemit, and know absolutly nothing about Steem, but i hope it will change through some time.
This is my first week trying to figure out how everything works. Thank you for reading this I hope you will enjoy reading my future posts, i look forward to stay here !

Love Maria E

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Welcome to steemit @vintagecloud upvote :)

Thank you Jonathan xx

Welcome to the platform called steemit. Keep steeming here . Feel free..
I just upvoted you and follow you, hope you will follow me back so that i can read more blogs of you! .

Thats very nice of you thank you! and yes i will do x

Its sounds interesting :-)

Your good looking, I am sure you will do just fine on here boss.

thank you for the compliment <3

Welcome here on steemit. Hope you enjoy it! If you love movies, especially drama/fantasy/action, feel free to follow me and check out my blog :) Best wishes, Sveto.

Thank you alot! You have an amazing feed, i will definitely keep an eye on your page x

welcome aboard :)

Thanks ! x