Neem: Cancer curing medicine

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Indian scientists decoded how to use Neem to cure cancer. Scientists have decoded phytochemical obtained from the flowers and leaves of the Neem tree can be used as medicine to cure various cancers and that phytochemical is called Nimbolide.

Though Nimbolide has been found to be useful medicine against various cancers, A commercial drug based on the chemical has evaded researchers for years now. But scientists have discovered that Nimbolide is not much effective if it consumed orally and that is the reason why Nimbolide was not recommended for manufacturing medicine.

Nimbolide, a phytochemical obtained from the leaves, flowers of Neem has been found to be effective against various cancers.
Nimbolide induces apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells and inhibits proliferation.
Tested on cancer cells and in animal models for various cancers.
However, Nimbolide has poor bioavailability if taken orally.

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very informative and neem really useful

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