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RE: 👨 My Father

in #life3 years ago

hello, just visiting your feed.
I am curious though whether you are male or female? This post is the only one that confirms you are female unless this is fiction :) haha..


FYI it is not a troll comment, I am genuinely interested and intrigued 😊

Hi @vincy, was actually watching your vlog just now and was pleasantly surprised to find your comment on my post! That's crazy!

I'm MALE, despite the protagonist of this fictional story (as you correctly pointed out) being female. I know... confusing right?

I'm also from Sydney so it's really amazing that Steemit has allowed for this interaction to take place.

It's so awesome to hear from you. Cheers!

Haha yeh I was thinking you sound quite male and most people call you dude and stuff lol... thanks for watching my video woohoo one Sydney sider so far haha

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