Movie Hacksaw Ridge - Not just a movie a inspiration for human being

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yesterday night I watched movie HACKSAW RIDGE based on life of legend Desmond Doss. At first I thought it is a normal historic war movie but when I start watching it and realised what massage real Desmond Doss and director Mel Gibson want to convey. I become fan of movie and the real Desmond. I must say they have done tremendous work to inspire human being.

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if you will see the just for entertainment then you will be deprived from real fruit, to understand the movie you need to feel it and see the things from Desmond's point of view. most of us did't see the things like Desmond Doss does. He believed in his heart calling and stick on his decision of not to take weapon or kill human. After watching movie I read about Desmond Doss whole night and found that movie did't tried to exaggerate him as extra ordinary person even they cut down many heroic events of his life. Actually from the childhood he is very helpful to people and he have very strong believe in god and due to that believe he is able save 75 solder from live war field without using any weapon, can you even imagine to do that. He stayed alone to save life of wounded solders when Japanese take over the battle field. he continuously request god to give him one more life to save and one by one he saved 75 lives without even caring of his life.


My cousin brother is a solder in Indian Army and he told me that when they are in war field everybody have fear for his life. In practical live war situation it is hardly possible to save a single wounded person's life without help of others. Solders are also human being and everybody have fear to death and this situation Desmond saved near about 75 lives. Impossible to believe but it's true.. heads off man. If you afraid to do work that you like as a good human being then here is inspiration waiting for you. This story make me big fan of Desmond Doss and I must say you have to watch it once and read about his real life too, also feel the faith, believe, selflessness and unconditional love towards humanity. hope this will make some positive change in your life.

Note: I am not promoting this movie. I only express my own thoughts and feelings about the movie and Desmond doss's life.

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Vinay Negi


Have not seen the movie yet but have heard a lot about it...thanks for the review :)

your welcome varun. followed you

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thank you so much. I will do my best

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