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When I got pregnant, I was terrified. I was not prepared for a child. I just married. Sdditionally, pregnancy was not the best time in my life. I was still tired, sleepy, I felt bad, everything hurt and I looked terrible.
It did not occur to me that I would have a child, that I would be a mother.

When the day came, everything was like a dream. Everything happened quickly and I remember it as if it were foggy.
I am grateful to my husband who was with me all the time. If not he would not know how I would endure it.

I want to tell you, dear future mums one very important thing - don't worry.
If you are afraid you are not suing or you will be a bad mother, believe me that you will be the best mother in the world for your child.

It does not need breastfeeding or a bottle, it does not need to sing lullabies or hugs in the right way, it does not need beautiful clothes or toys. It only wants you. The one you are. Remember it. It will reward you for everything and what it needs is your presence and love.

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