Tomato mozzarella love 🍅

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Hello everyone,

This morning I had a big plate with mozzarella di bufala and cherry tomatoes :DD
The reason why I love mozzarella di bufala is because it’s really creamy and delicious hha.

Wishing you guys a wonderful start of the week!

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  • sending lots of love to you all

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Are they tomato and strawberry?

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no just small tomatoes, greetings to you :)

Best Food for Summer! 🍅🌱 👍🏼


very true :DD have a great day!

healthy food that is very needed by the body.


indeed, enjoy your day :)


thank you for responding, see you later

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Deliciosa que mejor forma de comenzar un Lunes @viktoriyani

Yum... with basil

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