Melon time 🍈

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Hello everyone,

One of my favorite summer snacks is a melon. It’s sweet, healthy and really delicious :DD

Do you guys like to eat melons?
let me know in the comments below

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  • sending lots of love to you all

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honeydews lovely stuff, prefer it over watermelon sometimes..


indeed very tasty but I love watermelons more hha :DD enjoy your day!


have you tried cantelope also ?

Looks so delicious...


thanks, greetings to you :)

Hi ... miss, how are you now ...? Hope you are healthy. posts are very beautiful and useful for human health. Thank you for giving you a little understanding of melon. always success....?

El Melón es una fruta muy deliciosa @viktoriyani

Melons are great and refreshing!

looking delicious

lol. looking like pussy

Why do I follow you?

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This one we eat once in a while. I do like to eat it but I do not like the mess esp the watermdlon gives with all the seeds ... more seeds as melon