Flip flops and fizzy water ☀️

in life •  3 months ago




Hello everyone,

Oh how I love summer, walking around in flip flops and drinking cold fizzy water hha. Even in September it’s still such a summer feeling outside :DD

Are you guys excited for September?
let me know in the comments below

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  • sending lots of love to you all

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Those are two of my favorite things also! I wish it would stay summer for a few more months. I'm not quite ready for it to get cold.

Summer times are usually intresting times i look forward to.

Frankly speaking don't like summer. It is too hot at here in UAE.

waiting for

Viktoriya, your all images are so good. I have made that pic as my desktop wallpaper, if you remember

No hay nada mejor para refrescarnos que una buena bebida bien fria @viktoriyani. En especial Agua con Gas