why there are less researchers in india these days?

in life •  4 months ago

before we come to this topic let's go almost 50-60 years back .

yes almost 50-60 years back there were less amount of schools and collages so education and technology not reached in INDIA . so some of them only studied and there were less amount of researchers in INDIA but at west there were a lot of researchers but today is also the same condition why?

that's we are going to discuss today .
It is due to the teachings in the school and by the teachersgroup-of-school-kids-with-teacher-sitting-in-classroom-and-raising-hands.jpg

in the school and the classroom the are taught only how to get grades and how to get in to a good collage and get any job which has a decent salary you have to do that wether you like it or not this is the motivation given to the students
not only in the school but also by the parents there is respect for those who do something new and even if you do it people or society will call you fool and they will say think at your level kid .

and in the collage is also the same condition everybody is trained to score marks and get trained to get not to create
even some one come up with ideas they are not encouraged but discouraged by ignoring them that's why list of researches in INDIA is far more less all the other countries.

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