Who knows who's hiding?

in life •  21 days ago

Where do you think the heartbreakers are? You know where the merciful crowd disappears.

Being human, being human is very difficult. I am so bored. I've had enough of myself. What will you love so much?

You know where I like it, come, go and go. You're not going through polls, or I'm beaten. I just want to see you in the world. Come on come on.

I passed myself

I lived a long time ago.

A little heart can't take all the pain. Besides, death isn't just my heart.

I dreamed yesterday in a nursery. She was so lonely and desperate. And when I opened my eyes, I lost my eyes. Where?

I wish the dreams were real

Then you saw it in my dream. I've never known you before.

Why did you ignore me? You hate too much?

I am so bored. My rebellion is only at the end of the language, but I fear the rebellion. I should not

Who knows where that boy is in my dream?

Who knows who's hiding?

I don't want to play hide and seek anymore. I've played enough. I don't wanna play around the corner.

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