I admire

in life •  20 days ago

Although I come soon, I usually come to the end of warnings or warnings. I know I'm disloyal, but I know I'm really crying! I'm a big adult, no matter how much I know him, I'il be disqualified.

I said injustice. good intentions are always protected and defeated. What about you; He got the power of the entrance and the support of his time.

Now, if I'm an adult, I have three or three diplomas on one side and babies side by side on the bottom shelf.

If I'm like an adult, the cry of the world cries like it's always hurting.

You're going to tell me how messy I am and why I'm rooted.

And admire once and for all. Then he starts fighting.

Then it opens the subject. And we win with you. Two friends came here as two brothers. Sometimes you're my secretary.

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