One Tip I Choose To Live By To Increase My Quality Of Life

in #life3 years ago

Tip: Achieve a higher-quality life through simple, natural and holistic ways 

Simple means appreciating and understanding things in their most basic form. It is about deciding what you want to do and doing it because it makes you happy. Whether it is exploring a destination, buying a particular item or eating a piece of fruit because it was ripe and ready, choose with intent and keep it simple. 

Natural living is a way of living that embodies the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. It means listening and allowing my body, mind and spirit to operate in its own intrinsic, flowing rhythm.  

Holistic means seeing and treating the system as a “whole” and not individual units. It means being in tune with what my body needs, how my emotional being is feeling and where my spirit is guiding me. Everything works in a symbolic harmony where nothing is more important than another and everything is moving systematically towards one common goal: a higher-quality of life.

Drop me a line and let me know what tips you have for a higher-quality life!