Noise reduction on a railway platform: How subconscious mind impacts gross level actions

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As the train was about to arrive, the coach number was displayed. I was standing little far from where my coach would be halting and started moving. Wheels of my trolley bag made noise as I rolled it on the rugged surface of the platform. With already present commotion and noise around, it was adding to the annoyance.

But the solution was around. Subconsciously I was moved to the smooth part of the platform. There was no more noise and wheels of trolley bag were moving swiftly. Also, it brought much relief to me and I am sure to the people around.

I would have continued bearing the noise. But the annoyance was troubling and also there was solution present. Smart and intelligent choice was to pick a better one and move with it.

Noise is part of life and it will continue to exist. But we have the choice to bring it to a minimum and not let it harm us and those around us. Today noise has many faces. It comes in form of

Facebook feeds
Twitter tweets
WhatsApp messages
Instagram photos
Youtube content
Blogs that serve you shit and crap

There are much more in making. There might be some advantages of all above but I feel the way they are designed it slowly becomes an addiction. And it starts making our life miserable by increasing noise to levels that harm mind, brain, nervous system and ultimately overall health, life, relationships and career.

In last few months, I have made noise negligible in my life. I am no more on FB/Twitter/WA and luckily was never on Instagram. Reduced watching Youtube and mindless web surfing to great extent.

I am more living and thriving now as compared to before. And the best part is I am more in the present moment.

Writing more.
Reading more.
Creating more.
Spending more time with family.
Being more with myself.
Reflecting and contemplation more.

As I made the transition on the platform I was reminded of this deep connection between two disparate happenings. The noise reduction on the platform was somewhere connected to noise reduction I had made in my life in recent months. It has become an involuntary habit.

I was no longer ready to accept useless noise in my life and if possible would take steps to weed it away. What I did on the platform was the reflection of what I had trained my mind and brain in recent months. And I am happy that I am getting aligned more and more with deep work and a deep life.

Before You Go

Deep Work by Cal Newport has proved highly beneficial and a blessing to me and my life. I would highly recommend it to all out there to read and reflect on it. It is a life-transforming work and I am reading it again(now for the 3rd time).


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