Be grateful! You have more than you think.

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Let me first start by asking you a few questions?

Are you aware of the breath that is coming in and out? As you are reading this, many lost it in this short span of time. Many lost it yesterday and many will lose it today.

Were you able to have good food yesterday? Many could not. They tried a lot to have one good meal yesterday but like many other days they had to sleep hungry.

You have a loving and supportive family? Many never had and many tried to keep their family together, but failed.

You have a job/flourishing career? Many still trying to end up somewhere so that they can at least start their professional journey.

You have good health? Many struggling to keep up one.

You have good bank balance? Many trying to maintain minimum amount so that they can have their bank account running.

You had good sleep yesterday? Many slept in fear, not sure if during the night their house might be target of another bomb/missile attack. Like many in their community, they slept fingers crossed and with heart full of prayers.

And the list can be endless.

It does not take much effort and time to realize how much we have and there are so many things to be grateful for. When we keep reminding ourselves of this and instead of grumbling on small,petty things we take every chance to be grateful, we open ourselves to infinite grace of Nature/Divine/God.

Instead of grumbling for this and that, start being grateful for what you have and also for what you do not have(reason: it was not good for you so it did not come/happen to you). Inculcate this habit of being grateful and you will be able to unleash magic in your life and in life of people around you.

Just remember this magical mantra:

Grumbling => Grateful => Grace



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