Thank you @vibeof100monkeys for replying to my post.

Which of the following seems most true to you @vibeof100monkeys:

1. There is more hardship on earth than happiness.

2. There is more happiness on earth than hardship.

3. There is an equal amount of happiness and hardship on earth.

This might help us have a good discussion 😊

I don't know which one to be honest. It depends on your perception if you are happy currently you see more happiness in the world. To me it's all about perception and what you manifest at any moment in time. I am happy so more happiness 💯🐒

Based on my personal experience I think life seems to balance things towards the center. So if there is a lot of happiness I tend to believe it will be offset with some sort of hardship. This is based on my experience of enjoying a lot of happiness, and ultimately seeing it get balanced out toward the middle. @vibeof100monkeys

Well said! I have had my periods of intense unhappiness and have found my way through. I agree there is always a balance but if one is happy this does not take happiness away form someone else. I think all can be happy in this world at the same time through the collective consciousness. But of course moments of sadness will always occur thats emotion, but talking about overall happiness is difference in my book. It's kind of like the hundredth monkey theory I also think there is a pivotal point in which happiness will overbalance and this will change the world. In my lifetime maybe not but I really hope so

Do you think there is a difference between:

  • Happiness


  • 'The Pursuit of Happiness' ???

Yes I think too many people are constantly looking for happiness when its in us all the time, it a mind set and how we treat ourselves. If your mind set is a positive one then you manifest happiness 💯🐒

With your help, I refined my ideas, added clarity and edited my original post.

Let me know if you like the new version of my original post @vibeof100monkeys.

Great work loving the rejig for sure. Glad I help in some way. Have a wonderful day hope to catch up very soon 💯🐒

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