If You Ever Had Your Heart Broken, Display It For The World To See Right Here!

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Yesterday I read @julimattos 's post about Saudade.
It's a Portuguese word that doesn’t have a translation in any other language...

The way I understood it, Saudade is a melancholic feeling you get when remembering past you wouldn't want to go through again. Yet, at the same time, you feel a loss.

No matter the language, experiencing loss, heartache, love is universal for human beings.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return."
by eden ahbez

But, what do you do with the things you own, real tangible objects, that are a constant reminder of your broken heart? They're too important and too personal to just be thrown away. Yet keeping them is too big of a burden.

Well, unless you insist on living in a continuous state of Saudade, I know of a perfect place!

This is Croatia_Museum of Broken Relationships logo.jpg

It's not a joke

There really IS a Museum of Broken Relationships. Two of them, actually. The original one, in Croatia's capital city Zagreb, and it's branch in Los Angeles, California.

The objects displayed at this Museum are donated by people from all over the world.

Next to each object there is a name of the person who donated it and a story, told in their own words, of a relationship that ended and of the object representing it.

Seems too simplistic? Trivial, even?

Read some of the stories and see for yourself!

Sign Made of License Plates

A couple of students married after a short engagement. They had a pet cat, named Wubbs, rescued from a shelter.

Once, they were at a street fair and made this sign out of linces plates. It was a wonderful day and now, after their marriage ended, the sign is a reminder of that happy day. And of a failed marriage.


She was the first woman he let move in with him.
After a few months, he went on a 3-week trip. She cried at the airport and told him she won't survive the 3 weeks being apart from him.
When he returned, she was in love, and in a relationship with someone else. A girlfriend. Who she went on a holiday with, still leaving her furniture in his apartment.
So, he got angry. Bought this axe. And shredded one piece of the furniture every day of her holiday.


Thes frogs were a Christmas gift. From a mother.

She left when the child was 3.


A Stiletto Shoe

She fell in love at the age of ten. Summer love that lasted for a few years. Until he and his family moved to Germany.
They wrote letters and vowed to never marry anyone else.

40 years later, she was working as a prostitute then moved on to become an S&M dominatrix.
Her first client wanted to be whipped hard. She made him lick her stilettos first.
Then she recognized him. It was her childhood love.
They talked for hours, he was married and proposed they never meet again. But asked to keep her stiletto as a memento.

"When he walked out the door, it felt like my stiletto-less foot was no longer mine." she wrote.

A Hamburger toy

Her lover had a dog. This was his toy.

She misses the dog more.



A Chaplet

His high school sweetheart Ester, left her chaplet on his desk. Neither of them saw it.
A few days later they were in a car crash. She died. He lived. When he got home, he found the chaplet.

For years he was tormented by guilt, because he was the one who lived.
He became a fireman, and kept this chaplet on the rear-view mirror, for protection.

His girlfriend asked why he has a chaplet, since he's not religious. He told her, and went to therapy.

He's no longer a fireman. Changed his job and found a better place for the chaplet - in a Museum.

A black dildo

Her boyfriend gave this to her. They were in a relationship, but waited to marry before having sex.
They had a child they both loved, but divorced after 7 years.
She wrote: " It took me a long time to realize how much good sex matters. "

A postcard

A 70-year-old woman from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia donated this postcard to the Museum.

Her neighbours' son was in love with her and slided this postcard once under her door.
His parents asked her parents for her hand, honoring the Armenian tradition.
Her parents refused.
The boy drove his car off a cliff that same evening.

All the photos can be found on the official site of the Museum.

If you come to Zagreb, make sure to visit this incredible place, and don't worry, the collection keeps changing and growing as the exhibit travels worldwide.

If you have an object you'd like to donate, look for Contribute sign on MoBR's website.


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HI, @vesnapv,

Thank you so much for this post and to @julimattos who inspired it. I didn't know about the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb nor it's branch in LA. What an amazing, world transforming idea that plush bunny couple had!

I LOVE the stories anchored by the objects. Soooo real. And as you said, so relatable to peeps all over the world. I'll definitely make it a stop in Zagreb when I visit Croatia or LA, USA. ;)


Hey @angelacs 👋
You're welcome, I'm really grateful to @julimattos for her wonderful Saudade post. Made me think a lot about love and loss, so Museum came as a natural topic to write about, really.

About visiting, you should check out the MoBR website, because the exhibition "travels" all over the world. It's in Japan now, I think. So... all these objects and stories about them may come to wherever you are in the world 😉


Yes, @vesnapv, I forgot that. Great idea.

I'm in Jamaica. Not sure it would make it to any of the Caribbean islands but it should hit the east coast of the US so I'll check every now and then. ;)


Things like that always happen when you least expect them... you never know 😉

See you around, @angelacs 👋

First of all, I'm so honoured and happy that you took my post as inspiration to write your own!! It makes me incredibly thankful!!! I'm glad my words could motivate you to do your own take over Saudade. As you said, Saudade is a melancholic feeling from something from the past. Just want to say that you may or may not want it back, it depends on person and the feeling. It's not only a sad feeling but it can also be a happy one :)

So, regarding the Museum of Broken Relationships, that's amazing!! I'd never imagine that something like that actually exists. It's a great way of 'letting go' of past love stories and share the experience with the world. The stories are heartbreaking. Each story could be a whole novel on its own. The one with the Stiletto Shoe specially caught my attention. It just seem like it was meant to be for them to meet again, even in such an unlikely situation. Great post! Thank you for getting inspiration from my text! :)


That's one of the coolest things about a community...that we can all riff off each other and our posts, and that we inspire each other to write things that we might never have thought of before! :)


So true. That's so powerful and amazing!!! :) I love it.


Hey @julimattos!
You're wellcome. I'm so happy you like this!

Oh... so it could be both a happy memory or a sad one. Plus, you may want to relive it, or you may not. So many layers to this word, and the emotions it represents!!!

Yes, this is a unique Museum, and it got different awards for the originality in the industry.
It was founded by a man and a woman, and their object: a plush bunny toy, started the whole collection.
It's so incredible how quickly people all over the world identifyied with the idea and started donating their objects, along with the stories. We all know what heartbreak feels like...

And yes, you're absoutely right - every single object could be an entire novel!!!

I so want to visit this place now! That's one of the most original ideas for a museum that I've seen. Imagine the ideas that you could get just from walking through and reading the notes about each exhibit. My favorites were the cat's name sign and the dog hamburger toy. Hmmm. I wonder if you can tell I have animals... :)

Thanks for a bittersweet, engaging post, @vesnapv!


And the postcard one was so sad. :(


Ha! Told you to look into Croatia a bit closer 😌
Feeling all giddy now, lol!

I haven't been at the Museum, myself. Pretty sure I'd be crying my eyes out the entire time.
Yeah, the writer inside you gets all excited and bursting with stroy ideas... but life tells the best stories. These objects are real. They come from real people. Real lives... Like @julimattos said

Each story could be a whole novel on its own.

I agree.
The postcard story made my cry. That's why I left it as the last one.

Thanks for reading, @jaimi-sam!

What an amazing idea for a museum! The toy hamburger is my favorite. I don't know what I would without Furball, my dog.


It's a special relationship for sure, between humans and dogs!
Thanks for stopping by, @emergehealthier!

Well I followed a post in Juli's post about Saudade which I was writing about as well but you beat me to it and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

This is a very interesting musuem and would be a big hit in our country as we always looked with sadness and longing the past.

I was sad on the frogs figure and laughed at the dildo!


Hi @maverickinvictus!
What do you mean I beat you to it? It's a brilliant topic to write about, and every blogger will have his/her own take on Saudade. Besides, @julimattos will be thrilled to see her post inspired others so much so, they went on to post something of their own!
Write your post!!!
Hey, you could write a post about Saudade, inspired by Museum of Broken Relationships 😜 Just an idea...

Dildo story made me sad.

A museum of beoken relationships? Lol


People feel all kinds of emotions after a relationship with someone who used to be important in their life ends.
It's not just about romantic relationships.
There are stories of losing family members. Being abandoned by a mother, for example. It probably takes years of feeling incredible grief and sorrow, before a child realizes a mother is not coming back. I'm sure a person who left a mother's object and told a story felt a relief because of closure, don't you think, @vanessahampton?


Yes, I agree.
I was quick to assume it had to be romantic relationships.
Very true

Those stories are very poignant. I know how the person who donated the hamburger dog toy feels exactly.


It's sad for sure to know you'll probably never again see a dog you connected with.
I never had a dog, but I can still relate to this. Can't imagine what it must feel for her...

Thanks for stopping by, @hopehuggs!

I hope the stories are in English. Is not the first time when I hear about this museum, but your post convinced me to actually give it a go 😋.


You're welcome, @laurentiu.negrea!
As far as I know those stories are translated to several languages. English of course is one of them.
Even the name of the museum is in English! So, no worries, you'll understand everything.