Ask for it to get

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The baby cries when he wants something, and does not stop until he gets it. Why are you silent?
You can get many things with a little faith and patience.
Ask for it to be given to you, but be careful what you want.
Sometimes so many things can be poured on you, that it is a world that is profitable for you.
There are two types of goods in the world - tangible and worthwhile.
Material with receipt often loses its worth,
and what brings value also requires effort on your part.
Ask to get, but do not be greedy! Not always getting means happiness - sometimes it only brings more loneliness.

Thank you for your time
Veselka Prodanova

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Nice write up. Faith and patience is a necessity to getting whatsoever we want but like you said, it's important to be careful what we ask for and not to be greedy to ask too much.

When we receive, there is need to also reach out to those who don't have. Happy new year @vesito, hope this year brings goodies to you. Enjoy.


Thank you, @inspiredgideon1 . Happy new year to you, too!