Encouraging the spread of love

in life •  2 years ago 

We encourage each to put value in the self without reservation, for the love that is infinite can only shine through an entity which is comfortable enough to open a channel to that love. The heart engaged in clinging to concern has more difficulty opening to the love which is always present. If each could picture the inner self as a child which needs a hug, it would aid each in becoming able to love all that is. Those who attempt to do service work before they have successfully fallen in love with the self find themselves unable to access that flow which is infinite, and instead find themselves burning out and becoming exhausted spiritually. You are loved, each of you, and it is in that love that you truly reside. Finding that center is truly a matter of asking, and the asking is well to do each day if possible.

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Love you man.

This is creative 👍🏽

THank you 😊😊😊

I like those pictures. It fits well with what you are writing.

Thank you I appreciate, you can follow to see more of my future blogs thanks again

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This is really cool

Thanks man🙌🏽🙌🏽

Creative post!!
Keep it up mate

Thanks mate

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Nice one! Upvote & follow U. Warmly @trye

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I got love for you too man

Great post!