Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Knight's Camp' (Part #375)

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'Knight's Camp'


People love the past. Is it because the past was romanticized so many times in various books and movies that we've forgotten how it really was?

Is it only the history that paints the past dark, so that we can enjoy the present more? I doubt it. Even though the history might bend a truth or two for the winning sides, I am certain that the overall vibe of how people lived is correct.

A band of knights is sitting in a camp, having their meal. Are they preparing for a battle? Traditional historical cosplay and swordfight are quite popular past time of many who prefer the old ways than the present ones.

I mean, the sheer time and skill needed to make this complicated looking armours are amazing. Not to mention the will to wear it in this hot weather.

I bet the food they are preparing in a way it used to be prepared in the middle ages tastes awesome, too.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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i am not expressed your quality.because your post work alltime perfect and original.i am attrated them always and appreciating..your knowledge quality very high powerfull. Once calm make your heart as wide as the ocean, it's the next step that is often forgotten. Yes, making the heart as wide as the oceans will make you softer to yourself as you put a handful of salt into a glass of water, the thick salt will make you feel more pain, but when you can make your heart as wide as the ocean, a handful of salt will not affect you at all .thanks to sharing for your great post..very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work may god bless dear friend @velimir

I just adore such thematic events. I plan to attend one of these events this year. I like how people completely immerse themselves in a medieval atmosphere. They behave like knights, feed like knights and show interesting battles. Probably this is a unique way of sublimation and getting pleasure. After all, if you truly immerse yourself in your role, then all problems recede into the background. Personally, I always wanted to do the same. Take part in such a life, put on their armor and try their food. At that time, people had very different problems. But their ingenuity in all plans is amazing.
I'm sure that you have a great time. Thank you for sharing :) Good day

Anyone has a bitter, bitter past depending on how we react to it. Maybe you think your bitter past story is so great that you always have a reason to keep tears in your eyes when you think about it. No, crying is not wrong, just by crying usually afterwards you will feel better, more relieved and more calm you.

Once calm make your heart as wide as the ocean, it's the next step that is often forgotten. Yes, making the heart as wide as the oceans will make you softer to yourself as you put a handful of salt into a glass of water, the thick salt will make you feel more pain, but when you can make your heart as wide as the ocean, a handful of salt will not affect you at all .

Looking at these marvelous pictures it reminded of video games based on history of romanians or others. The games were all based on history Assassin's Creed i bet you have seen it or have played it. The perfect roles has been cast in there movie that came up last year or so. The thing is the armor the strength to yield a sword and the environment of the past, the history of all blood but nothing good, the path that leads to its own dead end. The battle between brave men and the battles to loot people for the sake to just grow themselves and kill the people who can't fight or make them their servents. The history books and now the games too are full of events that were happened a long time ago to show people of this era what was it like, how did they survive, what were the difficulties and everything else.
The gaming is awakened inside so i'm going to play a game for a while

Thank you sir @velimir for this history reminding post and also for me to play history based game again

Stay blessed

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post about past, and future, well yes we know in the past there were fights, in those fights people were killed, The fights were for land, the fights for the religion, that is why past is not Remembered as good, AS a Pakistani what I read in the books that to get freedom, Many people sacrifice their lives. we are lucky to live in the time when it is totally free, we can do what we want to do. but in the past things were not good, I respect the sacrifices given their lives, i think that was a dark time. when people were killed openly. :(

Yes, right, people love to memorize the past, they are born, sometimes I get hurt sometimes. It is good to fall on the pole, the place is wonderful, and the food also.
The picture are also beautiful.wish u a good day.

Beautiful photographs, @velimir. these people seem to enjoy what they do and that's excellent, I think that's what it's all about, in the past or present you can enjoy a lot of the things that we like and are at our alcence. But yes, romanticism certainly reigned in ancient times, I like that a lot. :-D

I am the first time in your post. Your post really attracts me a lot. Now I am going to visit your blog regularly. I found your post with great work. Thanks for sharing.

I love stories with knights and musketeers :)

Wow. Nice journey. Beautiful place. Self cooking make your jounrney more enjoyabale

Soo beautiful life & nice collections of photography keep it up bro

Hi @velimir, This is one awesome post taking us all on a journey back in time. So nice always to experience these kinds of atmospheres along with the other readers.
Thank you.

Knights of realm that is somewhere in the universe

You are really enjoying your life ... This is one of the way how one should live his life. Most people just come and go. they don't know why they live . Their purpose to live .

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Such a Nice Place and Your Editing Takes the picture to next level!
I have seen these kind of places only in Movies like the hobit etc