Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Beautiful Rocks' (Part #373)

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'Beautiful Rocks'


Every time I see semi-precious stones and minerals, I think of our mother Earth. So many colours and varieties out there, even in the most simple form as a rock. A lifeless form, but still beautiful.

Some people believe there are all sorts of energies in rocks and that they can be used for curing diseases. There are so many alternative cures these days that one doesn't know what to believe anymore.

I simply enjoy the beauty of coloured rocks, love to see so many in the same place. It makes me happy to be able to explore them.

I wonder what would it be like to actually pick some tools and go to a place where the rocks are. I wouldn't mind collecting stones for a day or two. It could be a great adventure.

Being happy is the greatest cure of them all. When relieved for stress, worries, anxieties and fears, the body can defend itself from almost anything. If belief in rocks does that for someone, I believe its good.

Enjoy your day! :)

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just excellent rocks crystals.looks like profitable stone.i am really excited to see your talented post.alltime you doing perfect and original work in this platform.i am always appreciate your work and fully support you. It can also be used by people to show their wealth or social status in society. In addition to beautify themselves with either use it as a ring or necklace.a perfect man may a perfect thought doing every time.thanks to sharing for your great post of amazing stone crystals.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless dear friend.. @velimir

Wow, I'm Amazing by looking at these rocks :O How difficult is for the shopkeeper to go and gather these stones and rocks and sell it. It really a very hardworking work. look at the colors and shapes, how beautiful they are, oh yes These rocks and stones are considered to be having energy in them, These are also considered as healing stones and also can be used to cure some disease. I just love the white Rock Crystals!
you know some people wear them in their hands. they believe these stones will give them extra power and some believe that They can keep you away from evil too! Some rocks and stones like Yaqoot and Marjaan__ are also mentioned in the Holy book of Muslims. Thank you for sharing these wonderful crystals with us :)

Beautiful stone exhibit, @velimir. You're right, the amount of them and their coolres is impressive, each one has beautiful and very striking details, even if they seem very simple. I love them, the pictures are super quality.

yes you are right, here in our country there are a lot of people who have believe in stones.
they do believe that some particular stones will give them money, fame and will keep them safe from bad Evil things!
but think how stupid it is!
I simply do not believe l it and i just enjoy them just like you.
you have clicked some amazing shots

Good afternoon!
Very beautiful photos. For the first time I am struck by the beauty and uniqueness of our planet. Mountains, stones, minerals and rubies - all this was created by nature, without human intervention. I do not cease to admire people who every day conquer the mountains, fight with nature Mother and reach the highest points of the Earth. I really like to look around beauties

These stones are amazing, Do you remember you have visited someplace where the same kind of stone was. These are the same kind of. Amazing!

I am posting travel guide series, You may like it. You previously checked it i think. But now some are new.

Precious stones are something that has always been sought since time immemorial because of its high value. Precious stones can make charcoal rich. It can also be used by people to show their wealth or social status in society. In addition to beautify themselves with either use it as a ring or necklace.

Nice crystals.


Beautiful Rocks The sound was heard in our imagination, it is very brilliant! Those who do not have any money in the middle of the house, they start with the diamond. Diamond jewelry, diamond rings, and diamonds in different areas. Those who do not have the ability to meet only the diamond, they have to meet with milk. Many girls may have a dream, their groom will offer a wedding ring with diamond rings, and for boys, many people have the desire that the dear people will get married with the ring of diamond. The people of Bangladesh are not lagging behind. Already in many places in Bangladesh there are good diamonds and ring shops. Several billboards around Bailey Road can also be seen that there are many stores that do business in diamonds. What is diamond in this article and the reason for such a high price will be summed up briefly.

There are thousands of minerals in the world. These rocks are expensive and adamy. But some rocks cost the sky high. Just know about 10 stones.

  1. Red diamond
    The world's most valuable red diamond is more than all the minerals found in the world. The unique features of scarcity Critical stones also cost more than $ 1 million per carat. Up to 30 red diamonds have been found all over the world, mostly Half Caret.
  2. Tafety
    Tafety is very rare mineral stone. It looks like a lotus rock. It was first discovered in Ireland in 1945. Later this stone is also found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Its cost per carat is 35 thousand dollars.
  3. Gradiadiorite
    Gradiadhiarites have been found very low so far. It was first found in Madagascar in 1902. US $ 20,000 per carate price
  4. In Surroundback
    A mineral stone is very rare in the world. It was first found in Sri Lanka in 1902. It was found in Myanmar recently. 18,000 US dollars per carate price
  5. Diamond
    One of the hardest minerals found in the world is diamond. This stone is found in coal mines. In 100-300 years the coal became converted into diamond. The cost per carpet is $ 15,000.
  6. Alexandrine
    Alexander was first found in Russia in 1830. Various different color variations occur in Alexandra, It looks like a pannier in the light and has a red ruby ​​stone in dark. The cost per carpet is $ 12,000.
  7. Redbell
    Red Berle is made from barium, aluminum and silicate. The emeralds that are found in nature are colorless. The value of this stone is not worth more than $ 10,000 per caret and two or more of the two stone carats together.
  8. Musgraveet
    This stone was first found in the Musgrave region of Australia in 1967. It is very rare and hard stone. Musagenium is made of aluminum oxide with magnesium, iron and zinc reactions. The price of every carate is 6 thousand dollars
  9. Beniateau
    It is a bluish-colored ringleader. It is made of barium, titanium and silica. It was first found in Benito County in California. Later it was named after the name of that place in Benitea. The cost of each carate is $ 4,000.
  10. Podredatiet
    The Family of Canada's Poudrate In 1960, St. Hillary discovered the mineral stone for the first time in Quebec Hill. It looks like a pink color. The cost per carpet is $ 3,000.

Great post. Those precious stones are worth the travel.

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best rocks of the world in pakistan himalaya and nanga parbat also 2nd heighest mountain k2in pakistan must visit .
download (1).jfif
and also having a best stones of the world in gilgat baltistan

you are really lucky to witness the beauty of nature so closely

Esa exposición, @velimir, es impresionante, cada piedra tiene detalles hermosos, sus clores son muy llamativos, Las fotos le quedaron expectaculares. Nuestro Planeta tiene bellezas naturales.