Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir '2CV' (Part #405)

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A French 'people's' car 2CV, “Deux cheuvaux” or “La deudeuche” was a car of the time. It was made in numerous versions. Because of its cool look, it soon became a legend. I came across an exhibition of little models and enjoyed some versions that many have never seen in real life.

This seems to have been driven by James Bond, himself. :D And here I always thought he prefered Aston Martin's.

The rooftop was removable, just like expensive sports cars had it, and it was a feature that won many hearts. Not sure if all models were made like that.

The cool looking off-road front hud place for the spare.

Green? Come on... This is ugly. :D

Here we have a black and white version with weird psychedelic symbols. Well, not all of the models were beautiful but probably served their purpose. :D

Enjoy your day! :)

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Wow, a wonderful collection of cars. are these real? or just children cars?
no doubt 2CV is a beautiful car, and it also a legend car as you said. Is my question all these designs are of the same car? if yes, i want to salute to the maker of these cars. It's not easy to make these designs different from each other, but here i want to share a very wise talk, there may be 100 design of the same car. have you noticed how many humans are there on the earth, all have two ears, one nose, two eyes, two lips, one head. but Everyone is different from each other. can you imagine the greatness of our creature? our mind stucks there and we can't think beyond that. our mind that is known for the most powerful thing in the universe, stops thinking on this. WE should always thankful to our God and always seek Good from him.

An interesting excursion into the history of the automotive industry :) However, here such a car was not popular. However, apparently, it's really a legendary car. At this time we were riding horse-drawn carts :) It reminds the Volkswagen beetle, although this is only my subjective opinion.
A very interesting exhibition in which so many models are present. In addition to all these models is excellent detail. Interestingly, this is a private collection or belongs to a group of people. I like that the collection contains many different variations of models. The one who collected them did a great job and deserves respect.
Thank you:)

wow,really very wonderfull cars collection doing always and this picture showing in your blog.its always impressible.i am always attracted them.because i am always learning alotscif new thing to read your post. 2CV is a beautiful car,all design very good.this car model just talented.thanks to sharing for your great post.very well done..may god bless you.. my dear friend.. @velimir really very rocking car..

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All pieces are beautiful and looking royal .In those time cars were ususally designed for travel.but these designs are a days we travel through cars but their beauty is most important.their model and company is appreciated by every one.

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Deluxe! Those models are fabulous, I have not seen them, the colors and models are spectacular. I enjoyed seeing each photograph.

great article and great supports cars.

Excellent exhibition I enjoyed detailing them. Those models are great, some I've never seen them before.

wow! What a wonderful collection of cars! I love the green one, jjejeejeje, I would like to have a collection like this :) Grettings!

Beautiful! I never saw anything like it. those cars are fantastic, the colors very bright and flashy. I love.

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