The Human Body is amazing. Here are some amazing facts about it that everyone should know.

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Our bodies are so amazing and so mysterious that what most people don't know about it far surpasses what most people know about it. Here are some of the most amazing facts about the human body that all of us should know:

  • Human females are, by birth, programmed to forget the pain of child birth only after a few weeks. Nature made sure that they do because if this did not happen, most women would only ever think of having a single child and this would lower the human population massively.

  • A majority of our body is hardly twenty years old. This is because the cells in our body are constantly dividing and then dying. Only the cells of our nervous system is an exception to this as well as the cells of our lungs. In terms of the age of cells in our bodies, the lungs are the oldest organ in our body.

  • Humans are programmed since birth to sleep with only half the brain inactive in unfamiliar environments. This is to allow some part of the brain to be active and on alert for any threats or dangers so that a quick decision can be taken.

  • Pregant human females can give birth after they have died. When a pregnant human female dies, her body starts decomposing naturally and this leads to build up of gasses which then forces the baby out, whether alive or dead is another thing.

  • Our little fingers are pretty much immune to temperature changes. There is no reason behind this. It's just a freak random thing that nature has allowed to happen with every human body.


Lol that is so curious to know Vedic Samurai bhai. Also the Pineal gland is the source of spiritual consciousness and can release a hormone after prolonged meditation that reverses ageing. The yogis would activate it.

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