Only help those who are already trying to help themselves.

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Becoming a saviour to someone is an idea that is highly romanticized these days. Everyone seems to want to save everyone, whether the latter needs it or not. This wannabe saviour zeal comes from ego, most people only want to massage their ego and nothing more. However, there are also genuinely good people carrying genuine intentions in their heart, who want to help/save people who are suffering from all sorts of misfortunes. However, the present state of affairs of this world has rendered genuine helping/saving intentions very difficult.

The biggest difficulty that lies in front of any genuine well-wisher and wannabe saviour is that the people who are suffering are not ready to be helped/saved. It's true, an overwhelming majority of people who are in trouble for whatever reasons live a life of illusion and are even unaware that they are suffering in the first place. These people won't like having their illusions challenged and, if you try to help/save them, they will instead resent you for breaking their illusion and helping/saving them. This is a very bitter reality in today's times. Therefore one must never try to save/help anyone who is not even ready to be saved/helped.

Another big difficulty is related to people who are suffering for real but don't actually deserve your help/saving. There are indeed people who, no matter how big of a trouble they are in, won't even listen to any well-wisher and instead rebuke them, curse them about interfering into their life matters. One will only end up wasting one's resources on trying to help them and nothing good will come out of it, one will only end up hating onself for having tried to help such undeserving people.

Therefore, it is important that people know whom to help/save and whom not to. Only help those who are aware that they are in trouble, who are already trying their best to help themselves and who are ready to be helped. Neither helping is everyone's cup of tea nor is being helped everyone's cup of tea.


I completely agree with you.
Help those who recognize that they are in need and who are already trying to work on their challenges. It takes wisdom to do so. ^^
Thanks for sharing. ^^

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