The game I'm playing now - Wolf Among Us

in #life2 years ago (edited)

I still found the time to write about the computer game I am playing now. This is an unusual game. First of all, she attracted me with her graphics, which resemble comics.

The plot is confusing. This is a detective story, the roles in which are played by the animated heroes of various fairy tales who were forced to move into our world and live among people.
The second specificity of this game is gameplay. Sometimes I have nothing to do for a few minutes. I just sit and watch a cartoon) The fights here rarely happen, and I easily cope with them. The main gameplay is to choose the answer of the main character.

And who do you think is the main character here? ... Ha, Ha! This is the Wolf, the one who ate the Red Cap from a fairy tale. He plays the role of a sheriff and is in love with snow white) But I will not reveal the story further, all of a sudden you will want to play.

The game is definitely not for kids! A lot of foul language and blood.
By the way, the game is divided into several parts, episodes, which adds to its similarities with the animated series. So when the game is interrupted in the most unexpected place and the credits appear, do not worry, this is not the end of the game. You will need to go to the menu for the next episode by yourself)

In the game in Russian only text is translated. The voice acting is original