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Settle in, breathe and be at peace when you are so unsettled towards what life brings to you.. We all are so disturbed with everything that’s going around us.. With changes that irritate us, with words that kill through our soul, with actions that defy our integrity.. Well, there is so much more that can unsettle our inner self.. We often are thinking of ourselves, when we react, but then let’s give 5 minutes to the other person, to the situation which lands us in there, to every emotion that we bottled up, to every perception that we had about others.. Let’s give 5 minutes to ourselves..

1st minute:
Thank You:
Let’s thank ourselves that we are in a situation like this.. Because if it wasn’t for us, there wouldn’t have been a situation.. Good, bad or ugly, all of it is because of the very source and that is us.. A good situation is something worth praising, a bad or an ugly one is worth correcting.. Never stop patting your back for either of these..

2nd minute:
Eventually none of us would end up brainwashing people from what they think about you, their perception turns to become a reality, and it is to a large extent the way we have behaved, interacted or spoken to them over a period of time.. But then let us understand if this can be corrected anymore?? Well, whatever that has passed can never be controlled and corrected.. But all you could do is change the perception over time.. A person who is hurt by you will forgive you but shall never forget the hurt, it will keep pinching them every time they happen to meet you or see you.. In a controlled manner, try and approach different to them and keep it a continuous effort.. But do all of this only when you honestly feel like doing so.. Never force too much of the load on to it forcefully.. There are certain perceptions that could be false and misread by a person or the situation.. Do not even touch those because if you know your inherent behavior is throwing this perception, it cannot change your inherent behavior.. It is ok to lose that person instead who sees your behavior unworthy to be accepted..

3rd Minute:
Swap the role:
Ideally not that easy to do, but for once get into the shoes of the other person, give sympathy for things that were not intended but have still occurred, and try and understand if things were to be made better with the person or the situation, what would you have done?? There are difficult people that we still live with, and there are simple people we cannot get along with.. This is because when we cannot even swap roles with the other person we do not get to connect with that person and what has led to the situation.. So be the case if this is a situation where there is no other person.. Unless you don’t know what is right, stop judging the person or the situation..

4th Minute:
Bring Peace:
This can be a real challenge I know, but for sure when the situation is heated or screwed up, we often panic or add to the fury of the other person.. Ill words, past examples, situations and quick decisions only lead to more fire in the quarrel.. Best way to be at peace is say some good words, show empathy, and do it all if you truly mean it.. If this still doesn’t help, just quit the moment until it is good to connect or rethink on the situation again.. Peace be with you and you and you, until each of us have this very important minute to follow..

5th Minute:
Take Action:
Every quarrel doesn’t have to always end up on a bad note, so does it not have to always end up on a good one either.. Same goes with the situations, we need to know if we need to make it better or worse or just leave it there.. Some heal in time, some don’t and some we don’t need to bother.. Choose what you want out of the quarrel.. Take action to understand how it will impact everyone by any action you take.. Be wise that you own up to your actions when this minute passes by.. It is ok to let go a person you love if your presence makes them feel uneasy and keep them reminded of things that hurt them.. It is ok to go quiet if you think the discussion and the situation you are takes you nowhere.. It is ok to start fresh and fail again, but the day you feel the moment or the situation you are is not worth it, do not stay there anymore.. Free the situation and yourself to make sure you do not imbibe the negativity inside of you..

Crisp as they are, these 5 minutes should help many of the situations get sorted in life.. And let’s ensure they are sorted in the right way..

However, keep spreading the love and positivity amongst everyone you meet.. Keep good company, keep good health, eat well and laugh a lot!!


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