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RE: I Was a Psychic Spy for the CIA, and I Found God – A True Story

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Talk about a post! Kudos for sharing such a wonderful discovery. The stats speak for themselves. Spiritual factors are just being discovered. Things that ancient civilizations were aware of and used religiously.

I'm so excited for our species' future.

Keep Steeming @neilstrauss!


This is a beautiful comment in itself. Spiritual factors are definitely being discovered friend. Kudos to the highly intelligent ancient civilizations for being so knowledgeable in critical discoveries like remote viewing through the sole power of the mind. And congratulation to our rich present and future civilizations who works currently and will continue to work in future with the ancient psychics knowledge we have been so favourably gifted with. Once more! This is a nice comment dear friend! Cheers.

Indeed a very nice post.. we only know a little part of what our brains can do.. Our species is still evolving.. I hope to see 1 big breakthrough while I am on this planet.

You will see breakthroughs my dear friend! Most definitely your optimistic wish will come true. Our brains can do all things, absolutely everything in life dear friend with a daring right optimistic mindset. I say to you my friend you can do all things in life if you set your heart to it. One love Dear! Cheers.

I have experienced some different things in my life that others would deem insane or even impossible. Others are waking, and with the movement on psychedelics, well it could spark something in our beings.

Absolutely dear friend! Absolutely. You nailed it in your comment! That is also my thought exactly. Cheers friend! Stay blessed.

I agree @rival! I believe Elon taking us to Mars will be big, but A.I. and what not will be big. I believe you're talking about intrinsic difference within our species? I believe we're coming into a new age of new discovery in many areas, include us.

i love such write especially from @neilstrauss

@rival hahah.. yes you will see that breakthrough...on the earth

is it true.....

Yes most apparently it is true my friend. The right question you have got to ask on a personal level is; do I believe?.

I ask myself that in the still quietness of my bedroom all the time when I happens upon information that takes time to ingest before even believing. You have got to go inside yourself my dear friend to discover the truth for yourself. Only you Dear can find the unique answer to the question. I love you dear! Cheers.

When reality surpasses fiction.

Nice , we use only 2 or 3% of our mind.if we use more than it then we do what? we dont know...

Lie. We use 100% of our mind. A lot of subconcious.

Dnt ask for vote dear

So what do I do to get more vote? Thanks

Just post like the above posts, unique posts then automatically you got the upvoting without asking any one for upvote.

Keep Steeming brother.


it was a very nice post from @neilstrauss i love the write up

I really have a hard time believing an phychic talk. Anything out there that convinced some of you guys that I could reason up on? Any recommendations will Ben looked into.

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